Trouver Power12, Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Impressive Performance

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Description of Trouver Power 12


Powerful Performance, Impressive Breakthroughs

All-mighty Functions and Impressive Performance
Efficiency and Comfort Beyond Expectation

1. Newly updated motor with 125,000rpm2, releasing 150AW3cyclone suction force
2. Powers up to 60 minutes4 running time and easily handle large room
3. Filter 99.88%5 of dust and vent clean air
4. Three professional accessories, satisfy the cleaning needs of various scenarios
5. LED colorful interactive screen, convenient to operate
6. Main body is only 1.45kg, just fine to lifting with a single hand

AERO Brushless Motor Smaller, Lighter, Faster, Stabler2 5.02

AERO 5.0 has outstanding and impressive performance. An all-round optimization has been realized in terms of volume, weight, speed and stable performance. Boasting these optimized features, The POWER 12 will bring your cleanning life to the next level with technical innovation.

*50mm Smaller 17% shorter in diameter
*190g Lighter 21% less in weight
*125,000 rpm Up by 25%
*0.002g Dynamic Balance Optimized by 33%

(As of now, AERO 5.0 has had 4 patents.)

Independent R&D, Independent production

High-speed brushless motor is the core technology of TROUVER. We have advanced motor lab and factory and the world’s leading independent R&D and production capacity.

Motor Upgraded, Suction Enhanced 150AW3 Suction Power, Stronger and More Efficient

*150AW Maximum Suction Power (Increased by 25%)
*22000 Pa Maximum Vacuum Suction (Increased by 10%)
*450W Rated Power (Upgraded by 12.5%)

Thoroughly Clean the Floor Effectively Remove Indoor Microorganisms and Micro-particels

Remove the Mites with 99.9%6 Efficiency Clean and Confortabe to Sleep

PBD Power Enhanced System Outstanding Suction Force,Constantly makes strong power

*PWM Motor Management Control and optimize motor start/stop and power output
* BMS Battery Management Dynamically adjust the power supply to ensure stable operation of motor
* DualCool Air-Cooling Adjustment By optimizing the ventilation channels and ridding of extra heat to maintain the outstanding performance of the device

Powers Up to 60 minutes Running Time Easily Handle Large Room

*60 mins standard mode
*27 mins strong mode
*8 mins turbo mode

Design of Replaceable Battery Working Time Doubled

POWER 12 comes with flexible battery solutions. Multiple packs of batteries are provided. After cleaning your home, you can also dedust your favorite cars and enjoy the convenience brought by long battery life.

* Spare batteries need to be purchased separately

5-fold Sophisticated Filtration 99.88%5 Efficiency with Clean Air Released

HEPA Filter
Dense Sponge
Multi-cone Cyclone Filter
Honeycomb Mesh Filter
Cyclone Filter

Multi-Cone Cyclone Technology

Precisely Protect filters from blockage to Maintain Long-lasting Suction Force

Various Professional Accessories for All-around Cleaning

Soft Velvet Roller Brush
Effectively Clean the Floor

5.8 cm Light and Thin Design
Capable of cleaning the area beneath the furniture

180 Degrees of Rotation
Easy to clean corners and sides

Electrical Mite-Removal Brush
Clean the fabrics in-depth

Two-in-one Flat Nozzle
Flexible and suitable for various scenarios
*Furniture surface
*Gaps at home
*Car seats

LED Colorful Interactive Display Easy to Operate and Control

Things you can do on the interactive display range from switching modes, activating constant speed function to checking the battery status with failure notification. The status of the device can be visualized.

*Mode Switch
*Function Mode
*Battery Display
*Trouble Warning

Lightweight Design Easy to Raise Up High

Main body is only 1.45kg, just fine to lifting with a single hand

One Button to Lock the Function Mode

Free Your Fingers from the Long Time Cleaning

Detail-oriented Design Brings You Surprises During Use

*Detachable dust container Rid of dust fast without smearing your hands

*Floor brush driven by another motor Saving more strength for floor cleaning

*Washable consumables low-maintainance and environmental-friendly

* Two-in-one wall-mounted bracket Storage is also charging

Tips for brush head use

Brush Head 1:
Soft Velvet Brush
Suggested Surface: Tiles, Floor, Short velvet carpet
Running Time:
13min in Turbo Mode
26min in Strong Mode
42min in Standard Mode

Brush Head 2:
Mite-Removal Brush
Suggested Surface: Mattress, Sofa, Blanket
Running Time: 
13min in Turbo Mode
26min in Strong Mode
42min in Standard Mode

Brush Head 3:
Two-in-one Flat Nozzle
Suggested Surface: Sofa gaps, Ceiling, Curtain, Ceiling lamp
Running Time: 
8min in Turbo Mode
27min in Strong Mode
60min in Standard Mode

In the Package

1. Main Body*1
2. Metal Connecting Rod*1
3. Electric Mite-Removal Brush*1
4. Soft Velvet Roller Brush*1
5. Power Adapter*1
6. Two-in-one Flat Nozzle*1
7. Travel Clip*1
8. Wall-Mounted Box*1 (Expansion Tube*2, screw*2)

Product Parameters

Product Name: TROUVER POWER 12
Specification: VPL5-GR1
Rated Voltage: 25.2V
Rated Power: 450W
Battery Capacity: 2500mAh
Main Body Weight: 1.45kg
Charging Time: Approx. 3.5H
Dust Container Volume (max): 0.4L
Motor Type: TROUVER AERO 5.0 High-Speed Brushless Motor
Running Time: Up to 60min
Vacuum Degree: Up to 22000a
Suction Power: Up to 150AW
Filter System: 5-fold Sophisticated Filtration

1. This product is only compared with TROUVER POWER 11. POWER 12 has brought upgraded performance. Please see note 2 and 3 for details.

2. This product is equipped with the latest generation high-speed brushless motor of TROUVER, AERO 5.0. The speed is as high as 125,000rpm, with the weight of 190g, diameter of 50mm, and dynamic balance precision up to 0.002g. Compared with the previous generation of motor AERO 4.0 (100,000rpm, 240g, 60mm, 0,003g), the speed has been enhanced by 25%, the weight lighter by 21%, the diameter shorter by 17%, and the dynamic balance optimized by 33%

3. The vacuum suction data or this product is tested bySuzhou Luchuang Detection Technology Service Co. Ltd., report number: 0271-21A-01. Compared with POWER 11 products (overall suction power 120AW, maximum vacuum suction 20kPa), the overall suction power has been enhanced by 25%, with maximum vacuum suction enhanced by 10%

4. The battery and running time of this product is tested by Suzhou Luchuang Detection Technology Service Co. Ltd.. The data may be affected by many factors including environment temperature, use method, etc. During the practical use, the numbers may be slightly different from the lab report. Lab report number: 0271-21A-01

5. The efficiency for the 5 sophisticated filters of this product is 99.88%, tested by Suzhou Luchuang Detection Technology Service Co. Ltd., report number: 0271-21A-01

6. The mite-removal effect of this product is 99.9% , tested by Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology Co. Ltd., report number: WJ20210054

7. Large households refer to the ones whose sizes are 180m2 or more. The estimated data obtained by cleaning the floor at 0.8m/s with the product in the lowest gear.

8. Doubled working time means that under the same condition, the device runs in the same mode, and the working time using 2 batteries is twice that of using 1 battery (requires separate purchase of spare batteries

9. The thickness of the brush of this product is subject to the actual product. The height is 5.8cm and there might be some error. Please refer to the actual product

*The data from the above pictures and texts are all come third-party labs. The actual data might vary a little bit due to environment and methods. The lab report numbers are:  Suzhou Luchuang Detection Technology Service Co. Ltd.:0271-21A-01 Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology Co. Ltd.: WJ20203687

*Due to the light conditions during the photo-taking, the color of the actual object may be a little different from the pictures. Please refer to the actual object. 

*When operating under the super strong mode for long time, the power supply system will lower operation power to a proper level. 

*The product name in the market is TROUVER POWER 11 (or POWER11). All with such names refer to the same product.